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MELS is a multidisciplinary artist and curator from the United States. Based in Asia Pacific for the last 15 years, he is interested in how culture and geography are represented through line, form and color. As well as how expression can be viewed as cultural interpretation. He managed and curated for Basement 6 Collective art space in Shanghai for five years and earned a Master’s degree in contemporary art curation from the Taipei National University of the Arts. 
He recently exhibited his new studio works in multiple cities across Taiwan and Japan. MELS' recent work is an idiosyncratic take on abstract expressionism, mixing traditional materials and form with avant-garde methods. Coming from a graffiti background, many of the new pieces by MELS retain an underground DIY aesthetic while making an effort to transform spaces into reflection points in the city. An expression of the utility of traditional graffiti and the experimentation of contemporary art.
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