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Mose78’s style encompasses graffiti, illustration, & design with hints of abstract & surrealism running throughout most of his work. 


Based in Digbeth, Birmingham’s creative quarter. You can also find his graffiti murals on the surrounding streets. 


Co-founder of the Distorted Minds Crew. 

Co-founder of Birmingham’s street art festival - High Vis Festival 2018, 2019.


Early influences come from old school legends like Vaughn Bode, Jim Philips, Rick Griffin surf/skate graphics. 

While skateboarding in the early 90s he among other skaters started graffiti writing, taking inspiration from “the book” Subway Art. 


Mose78 likes to mix traditional with contemporary, graffiti with fine art, illustration with abstract. Pushing the boundaries & blending styles to create new hybrids. 

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Art work by Mose78