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Mr Wigz

Mr Wigz is Bristolian artist with a wide range of styles and preferred mediums.

Being brought up in Bristol with all of the many influences and cultures of the city he challenges himself to produce work in forms ranging from spray paint - letters and characters, landscapes and commissions, to digital work - 3D graffiti modelling and complex vector graphics...and of course the good old pen and pencil work.

His work can not always be recognised by one distinctive style as he crosses from drawing imaginary cities build in giant trees to spraying bright, angular pieces that pop, never painting the same thing twice.

You may see some of his work crossing the traditional boundaries of graffiti by creating wild style letter forms out of wood, or acrylic with LED lighting and hand painting motorcycle helmets or vinyl wrapping toy cars.

Mr Wigz has no fixed crew but likes to paint and collaborate with a widespread variety of artists.

If you see him at UPFEST or or out painting be sure to say hello and check out his website or social media to see some his great work.

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Art work by Mr Wigz