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Mr. Blob is an Italian graffiti artist and illustrator born in 1988.
His artistic research has a particular personal trait because, not
able to complete his art degree, he builds his own technical-artistic
career as a self-taught. This is how he dives into the 'underground'
culture and in its various arts and facets.
The walls of his native city become a medium for his first artworks
and technical experimentation in his early creative years.
Mr. Blob chooses large formats that fully express his poetry of
freedom and where no detail is left to chance.
In his ealry 20's, driven by the improvments in his abilities, he
moves to Milan, where he finds a rich and diverse artistic scene.
Here, he begins his collaborations with other artists from all parts of
Itay that will lead him to participate in different events in Europe and
In Milan, Blob establishes his unique style due to his subjects.
Initially, these were nothing but a distortion of reality. His characters
appeared with deformed faces and bodies, and all shared wide
realistic eyes aimed at telling a personal story. In recent years, his
interest and research in new characters result in a fusion between
human and animal worlds, with the latter prevailing. His
protagonists are mainly irrational living being who act according to
instinct, just like the artist with his illustrations. Each animal species,
perceiving reality in a different way, develops features that are
appropriate to the specific context, and this what inspires Mr. Blob
to highlight those 'supernatural senses', almost magical, that his
creations present. Each character's features are enhanced through
the use of colours, which he expertly mixes, creates and reshapes
as in a actual magic ritual.

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