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Well I usually start explaining my art with my name as it holds clues to my biggest influences.
The Neon part relates to my love of bright bold colour. I often use neon colours which fluoresce
under Ultra Violet light altering the appearance of a painting depending on the light source; they
also have the effect of making me happy. In fact I love all colour and I am fascinated by the way it
has the ability to alter the mind and your mood.
The Ita part of my name reflects my particular love of South/ Central American ancient and
indigenous art. Ita is used at the end of feminine words in the Spanish language to indicate either
smallness or affection. It was important for me when I came up with Neonita in 2009 to have a
female sounding name as there weren’t many women street artists at the time.
I often use and refer to ancient art, folk art, ceramics, fabrics and patterns from all over the world.
This may be due to the fact I have constantly moved throughout my life exposing me to many
different people from other backgrounds, cultures and histories. I found that there is something
deep rooted in me that connects to ancient tribal art, it’s hard to explain but I feel it has always been
I have also always been a dreamer and so I love folk tales, fairy tales and mythical stories from all
over the world too. These inspire my imagination and I enjoy creating work that has fantastical and
mythical qualities to it.
Lastly it is important to mention that I paint outside not only because it’s fun but I really feel that
everyone in the general public should have the right to art. Murals are a brilliant way for people to
have art around in their daily lives without having to go to a gallery. They can also have a really
positive effect on an environment making places brighter, happier and more magical.

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