Its all about colour - pigment and light - oh and a splash of creative typography.A very early adopter of graffiti, I first started painting walls in Bristol during the early eighties. Went to Art School to study fine art, then had to make some money. I started working as a graphic designer, cutting my design teeth on flyers for clubs and raves etc. For the past 20 years I have mostly produced digital artwork. Recently I have returned to painting working with text and colour using contemporary urban art techniques.

Art work by Oli-T

Up Town Top Ranking by Oli-T

Spray paint on wood
Size 40 cm X 61 cm
Price £150.00
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That's The Way I Like It by Oli-T

Spray paint on wood
Size 44 cm X 39 cm
Price £125.00
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Beetle #1 by Oli-T

Giclee Print
Size 54 cm X 74 cm
Price £95.00
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Ain't no stopping us now by Oli-T

SALE was £250
Size 58 cm X 58 cm
Price £200.00
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Krylon by Oli-T

Digital Mono Print
Size 42 cm X 60 cm
Price £95.00
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Bristol T-shirt by Oli-T

100% cotton T-shirt

Price £20.00
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Bristol Black by Oli-T

Screen Print
Size 60 cm X 42 cm
Price £75.00
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Bristol Kids Tee by Oli-T

Price £15.00
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