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I love painting a good character, a dramatic expression or a body beaten into shape by a little too much life. I generate my ideas by sketching in pubs and paint mostly for fun with the occasional commission.

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Art work by Pelmo

Yoga With Socks - 3 legged downward facing dog by Pelmo

Limited edition giclee print
Size 30 cm X 21 cm
Price £30.00
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Bedminster Remastered by Pelmo

Giclee Print
Size 42 X 29.7cm
Price £60.00
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Going Uphill (Large) by Pelmo

Giclee Print
Size 42 cm X 30 cm
Price £50.00
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Stuck in Tree (small) by Pelmo

giclee print
Size 30 X 21
Price £30.00
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Cabriolet by Pelmo

Spray paint & paint pens on paper
Size 37 cm X 29 cm
Price £45.00
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