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Isra Moreno, aka Piko626, is an architect and artist dedicated for years to urban art and its enhancement through interaction with architecture.  As an architect, he has specialized in the development of complex facades during his experiences in studios in Spain and Germany.  He has also been able to delve deeper into themes such as urban planning or historical heritage, which has been a recurring concept for his artistic work. Working as an exhibition coordinator for cultural events he has gained experience in museography, and in parallel he has always developed his work as a muralist or as a curator of other artists and group concepts. His roots in the arts go back to 1996, when he started in the world of Graffiti. He has participated since 2000 as a co-founding member of the collective Art.626 where European and Latin artists mix artistic styles and postures. He is currently developing the Boundwallz project for private and public investors, where he integrates solo art or art with other artists into existing or developing architectures.

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