Sake One

Christopher “Sake One” Kinney (Sock-key)

A West Coast pioneer of New York style Graffiti & Street Art, Chris, has been an influential part of the first wave of kids being involved with Hip Hop Culture in San Diego, CA, has paved the way for years and is constantly involved to this day. As a youngster he was part of the first wave of Freestyle BMX in the late 1970’s that was taking place in his Spring Valley Neighborhood - the birthplace of the sport itself, Chris, was already gravitating towards street culture, fashion, stylings and hijinks.

After watching a made for television movie called “Dreams Don’t Die” on May 21st, 1982, Chris, immediately went out to paint his first crude piece of illegal art. A self-taught artist since the age of 7 years old, it was a natural progression for him to be impacted by Subway Graffiti Art and the Hip Hop culture it is a part of.

In 1988, Sake won the approval of Doze Green as a “true B-Boy” and personally put him “down” with the New York City based crew, the “Incredible Bombing Masters”. Sake has been in various graffiti and hip hop crews helping push this global movement forward not only in his home base but including the states of Texas, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, New York, Utah, Michigan, Virginia, Montana, Florida, Washington State and California.

Sake was a member of the world renowned ‘Rock Steady Crew’ in the early 90’s, as a B-Boy and Graffiti writer. Sake became instrumental with the emerging ‘Street Wear’ brands like ‘Stoopid’ and ‘Tribal Gear’ and Is a member of the San Diego based Graffiti crew ’Wild Style Technicians’.

Sake is an avid record collector and music lover, so it is no surprise Sake became a B-Beat DJ once with the now defunct crew “1520 Sedgwick Ave DJ’s”.

In the early 1990’s being one of a few Graffiti artists in the world to achieve realism with spray paint, he fell in love with the process of mural making and the challenge of free handing portraits with krylon spray paint. He then set off to have a goal to paint the first Hyper Realism work with spray paint, that was achieved 6 years later in 1997 inspiring others to follow suit. Always transforming and challenging himself, Sake continues to push the limits with portrait work along with graffiti lettering.

Sake is one of the first graffiti artists to receive an EMMY award for his art work and has been featured in numerous national, local television and news segments, published in various graffiti art, lifestyle magazines including news papers both in the U.S.A and abroad, contributed to and filmed in documentaries and interviewed and read in books like the ‘The History of American Graffiti’.

Art work by Sake One

Victoria 2 by Sake One

Hand Finished Giclee Print
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