Sêma Lao

Self-taught painter born in 1987 of Chinese-German origin and living in the middle of France, Sêma Lao began painting very young.

Her life took a turn in 2011, as she handled for the first time a spray can ... This gave her a completely different notion of space, colours, gesture,…Since then, the walls have become a privileged playground, and she multiplies projects and meetings, in France and abroad , between canvases and walls.

Her colorful work usually represents portraits, faces with sincere and spontaneous expressions, inner feelings…. Being particularly sensitive to the theme of childhood, her portraits of children symbolize innocence. This innocence that precedes the age of reason, this recklessness, or unconsciousness would say some, that nourishes hope, preserves us realities and worries, violent images of everyday life, allowing us then to face this world before diving into the great disillusionment. It is this raw and spontaneous sensibility of the being, human or animal, which is reflected in the look, that the artist tries to grasp.

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Art work by Sêma Lao