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I've been an artist from Manizales, Colombia for the past 15 years, during which I entered the world of street art through graffiti, influenced by hip hop culture. It's where I found a profound connection between the streets, my creative expression, and myself. This journey sparked a continuous experimentation, leading me to constantly seek the development of a style that resonates with both art and its surroundings, while also reflecting my personal journey and the experiences that ignited my passion for painting in the streets. This path has not only expanded my horizons but also fueled my desire to share more of myself with the world. Currently, my work is distinguished by a focus on technical elements and realism style, maximizing the use of color, and crafting compositions that seamlessly incorporate various contextual elements. I strive to create authentic and visually captivating pieces that not only represent but also embody the values of the environment and streets they inhabit, offering viewers a fresh and engaging experience with the city.

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