aka Sarah Lynn Mayhew multidisciplinary artist.
Born in London, an established Manchester artist, now living in North East Essex.

For her first two years at school, she would only draw. Inspired by punk art she painted fluorescent backdrops for 80's bands. SLM's work continuously evolves from a skill set derived from a varied art career as painter and decorator, illustrator, animator, web designer, picture framer, seamstress, and scenic artist for theatre - where her penchant for painting big was born. She won a Royal Society of Arts award for multimedia in 93' for museum installations. She set up a CD-ROM consultancy business Mamadigit Design in 95'.
Her first solo show was in 2000 at Duke of York's Picture House Brighton where she exhibited textured abstract boxes (old sound boxes found in the theatre skip). Her love of creating from detritus began in earnest.

SLM started designing 3D interactive art systems where the viewer determines the outcome - Interchangeable Squares and Mess with My Head portraits have exhibited and sold nationally since 2003. Known for her tribute mural of Edward Snowden 'Truth is coming and cannot be stopped' 2013, her anti-fracking paste up campaign 'Madame du Frack' 2014 which became part of #Brandalism #COP21 Paris 2015. She won #ArtBattleMcr 2014 and painted at #FemmeFierce.

SLM's focus is rooted in environmental conservation and spiritual enlightenment of the human psyche. Creating surreal worlds where Tree Deities, Gods, and meticulously painted portraits of imaginary characters, evoke warrior-like strength and power through diversity. Her work promotes altruism, unification, and balance between light and dark. A mastery in traditional detail with graphite, oils, and inks, contrasts with spontaneous texture using mixed media layering with acrylics, pens, and spray. Fusing planned composition and instinctive expression. Strong vibrant palettes, fluid lines, bring rich definition and a stunning beauty to her work. SLM is a commissioned portrait artist and muralist.

Art work by SLM