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Studio Lazy

Studio Lazy is a printmaking and mark making endeavour. Using shapes, forms, letters and the various graphical building blocks of 21st century life, Studio Lazy tries to put things together, colour things and line them up, in a way that makes visual sense… and then grudgingly accepts how the planets and elements are constantly going to be knocking things out of position and shape and intention, and tries to work within that balance. Effort and acceptance, precision and defect. It’s all a game and a wrestle… but it looks good in the end. 

Art work by Studio Lazy

Elementary by Studio Lazy

Screenprint Ed.24
Size 42 cm X 59.4 cm
Price £45.00
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HTML Owes Me Money by Studio Lazy

Screenprint Ed.15
Size 29.7 cm X 42 cm
Price £30.00
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