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Tash is a self-taught artist, based in London. She works freelance specialising in mural art and digital design. Her style reflects the vast similarities within the natural world, along with the expression of playfulness yet peace it emotes within us. Flowing movements and colour palettes that harmoniously intertwine, a suggestion of the interconnectivity of all that’s around us. 

Joining the WOM collective and meeting supportive creatives has given Tash much to be grateful for. 

Now by sharing creativity as a universal tool to connect with communities around the world. She hopes to empower people from all abilities and backgrounds to embrace their own expression. Hoping to be a ripple in a wave of colour and possibilities.

Art work by Tash

Tash Sticker Pack by Tash

Sticker Pack Containing Three Stickers
Size 11 cm X 17 cm
Price £6.00
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