For EIFRIG (meaning "keen/zealous/assidious" ) one diszipline is not enough to express one self !
Born in 1981 in East Germany EIFRIG grew up in Magdeburg near Leipzig and is highly
influenced by the East German School of painting. Artists in the tradition of
socialistic propaganda paintings as well as the movement “Neuer Realismus”
are important references.
Having artistically grown up in the world of graffiti, he is transporting the old idea of contemporary
art into a fresh environment, combining intellectual responsibility with the ignorance of
graffiti. Not directly interested in a new vision of life, style and aesthetics he is operating within these areas.
Eifrig is sharing his twisted reality composed of deregulation, unpredictable success and negotiation of beauty.
After his youth he decided to get other influences by studying design and becoming
witness to the clean grafic concepts and structures in applied art.
Steadily practising new things he fell in love with illustration and animation as a new tool of recreating reality.
EIFRIG´s main topics became heroes of inconstancy in deregulated systems as a reaction
to design. Taking ideas from social science, Nietzsche and physics he has produced
numerous paintings and animated short films.

Art work by THEO EIFRIG