Xenz got into graffiti in the 80s. He grew up in Hull where he developed his love for mural painting in the many derelict warehouses in the city. In 1998 he moved to Bristol, where he spent a decade painting. It is here where he gained a reputation for his art. He is an artist know for constantly pushing boundaries and refusing to fit in. He paints mainly from memory working spontaneously reacting to emotions, his surroundings and experiences. To him graffiti is much more than just a name on a wall. In fact the term graffiti doesn't sufficiently describe what he does.

His pieces display influences from many different sources, not just the graffiti style of New York.  

He has successfully blended fine art with gritty urban scrawl and established himself as full time artist in London, setting up his studio in 2005. The past decade has seen him exhibit all over the world. Many of his paintings are now in private collections and his prints are always in huge demand. 

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