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Zase was born in Trencin, Slovakia and has been involved in art and graffiti since 1996. Back then, graffiti was still young in Trencin, but this only made him more determined to improve he’s skills and develop a style. He is both a skilled artist, and designer with many years of experience in the urban field. Now a well-established professional freelance artist, Zase produces most of his works from a UK based studio, although this doesn’t serve as a limitation, he often travels the globe ready to collaborate in new projects and work with new people.

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Art work by Zase

Running over by Zase

Spray paint on canvas
Size 61 cm X 46 cm
Price £450.00
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Hope by Zase

Spray paint on canvas
Size 75 cm X 105 cm
Price £720.00
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Spiral Zase by Zase

SALE was £250
Size 58 cm X 58 cm
Price £200.00
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