Zoe Power

Zoë Power is a Bristol based artist working in illustration, print and typography. With a love of craft and all things handmade, she works using traditional media – from bristles and lead, to screen printing and letterpress. Zoë often paints her bold and colourful work on large scales across cities as murals and signs. Inspired by the bustle of the city, people, lettering and feminism, these themes all commonly feature in her work.


Art work by Zoe Power

Sun Moon (small) by Zoe Power

Ltd edition print
Size 30 cm X 30 cm
Price £75.00
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Embrace by Zoe Power

Screen Print
Size 50 cm X 50 cm
Price £60.00
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Sistas by Zoe Power

Acrylic on Wood
Size 85 cm X 47 cm
Price £600.00
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