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Bristol Can... By My Dog Sighs

Bristol_CanThe rumours started months ago, now we can confirm, My Dog Sighs exclusive UK exhibition is coming to Bristol!

The Upfest Gallery Presents...


1st until 24th of November

Painting on recycled materials is a signature of My Dog Sighs’ work, most recognisable is the staple food, drink and spray cans, which are twisted, crushed and hand painted. Each has its own character, be it melancholic clown or aggressive punk. Working with recyclable materials picked up on the streets, ‘Bristol Can’...’will have a particular slant to celebrate the city, with works produced on cider and spray cans.

My Dog Sighs explains;

“My focus for ‘Bristol Can...’ is using my association of Bristol’s street art scene as well as a tongue in cheek nod to cider drinking synonymous with the west country, using empty cans to create new pieces of art for the show. Upfest festival helped me to gain a new audience and confidence over the years, starting with a 4x4 board initially and culminating to creating a My Dog Sighs van this year. Free Art Friday was born from a desire to interact with the urban landscape and its inhabitants without impacting on them. The narrative is based on counterpointed poignancy that resonates with those that have the opportunity to find them.”

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There will be no guest list or advance sales for this exhibition.

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