Cretin Invasion

After a busy year of completing collaborative projects together SPzero76, Loch Ness and Squirl have decided to form their own crew, which already features their combined art styles but creates a banner for them all to feature under. as with their work over 2011 they will continue to work alongside loads of amazing artists, crews, businesses, projects and galleries, just under the guise of Cretin. It’s time for the Cretin Invasion!

SQUIRL - Squirl is an illustrative artist from the southeast UK. Inspired by a simplistic naïve drawing style alongside a more graphic finish, Squirl uses spray paint and layered stencils to create simple block colour characters.

LOCH NESS - Loch Ness emerged from Bristol’s vibrant Art scene with years of experience as a Freelance Artist/Illustrator whilst working alongside reputatable agencies within the UK. Loch Ness’ inspiration comes from comic art, graffiti and music especially from the 60’s and the psychedelic era. His unique style has already seen his work being recognised by commercial clients and many people from around the globe.

SPZERO76 - SPZero76 is a freelance illustrator based in Bristol. Combining street art stylings with digital art techniques, SPZero76 creates a striking visual with a fresh contemporary edge. Heavy comic book influences can be seen in his work, which often portrays a fun moment in time captured for our amusement.The Upfest Gallery
198 North St . Bristol . BS3 1JF
Tel: 07725 231 878

Show runs ‘til Sun 12th Feb

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-6pm
Sun: 11am-4pm

Real Ale & Traditional Ciders generously provided by Glastonbury Ales.

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WE ARE FAMILY - Free Art Download

We're super please to annouce the generous gift from our festival friend and artist Oli-T who's provided one of his most popular artworks as a free high resolution download.
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Oli T Family Paul Box Photography crop.jpg

UPFEST 2020 - Postponed

Upfest, Europe’s largest urban arts festival which was due to take place from 30th May-1st June will be postponed. In light of the current situation and Bristol City Council’s announcement last week, we will now be working with them to secure a date for rescheduling this year’s Upfest.
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Support artists with Upfest, Posca and Artgecko

Upfest has joined forces with Posca and Artgecko to support our artist community and encourage sales of artists’ work available now through the Upfest website.
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