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Neon Knights


An exhibition exploring the realm between times from the perspective of two of the UK's most prolific urban artists.

Prepare for a journey....

Introducing Dale Grimshaw

Dale Grimshaw was born in the deep, dark north of England (Lancs). He first got into art painting still life's as a young boy, copying punk record covers & fueled on by a cheap copy of Constable's painterly classic 'The Cornfield'. After seeing 'The Stranglers' daubed on a bus stop wall whilst at primary school he became intrigued by graffiti and his first real foray into this area came in the 80's - involving a McDonalds window, a large political slogan & some pink household emulsion.

Introducing Dan Kitchener (aka DANK)

Dan Kitchener; graffiti / street artist and illustrator / animator from the UK who has exhibited his work and painted world-wide. With a widely diverse and unique approach to his art, DANK has a ever growing fan base and continues to impress with epic scale walls, canvas shows and live painting events.

Having worked with some major stars in his career, Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz, Kylie and The Prodigy to name a few, his work has been seen by millions over the years. Epic scale and dramatic paints are his speciality, projecting his DANK tag 50 meters high on the Tate Modern, painting 100 metre sea monster on the rusting side of a cruise liner and equally huge scale graffiti productions in London and all over the world.

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