Never taking a break from Breaking out | Upfest

Never taking a break from Breaking out


It’s been great to have the Gallery open again and show the fabulous stuff that our Artists have been producing during the Lockdown. Paul Monsters enlivened our walls with new pantone polygons featuring additional distressed sections that have resonated many people’s current mood. Rob Wass’ show has been immense. His incredible Mountainscapes have been attracting attention and praise from our visitors. His unique take on the natural world is a panacea if you haven’t been able to travel as much as you’d like this summer.


It’s been such a privilege to have exhibitions from Zoe Power and Bex Glover. Their new additions in the Gallery complements their awesome new works on our neighbouring buildings. North Street junction with Luckwell has never looked so good. There’s more going up on the walls right here near Upfest HQ, and around Bedminster, so come down down, take it all in, and let us know what you think of it.


We’ve even managed to squeeze in some new works from Koeone. These include some blisteringly hip skateboards. So if you’re thinking of donning some elbow pads and taking up skating, then there’s never been a better opportunity to look good doing it.


If cartoons are more your thing? we have an amazing show By Cheo featuring all your favourites


The result is that the wallspace here at the Gallery is packed with some of the finest contemporary art that the Lockdown has initiated. But we’re going to have to clear some space as the Breakout Series of Shows continues; shows from Gemma Compton, Copyright and Oli T will be appearing over the next couple of weeks.


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