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Support artists with Upfest, Posca and Artgecko



Upfest has joined forces with Posca and Artgecko to support our artist community and encourage sales of artists’ work available now through the Upfest website.


The new initiative, which will see each artist receive their normal sales commission as well as an art pack courtesy of Posca and Artgecko, aims to supply artists with materials to create their next piece of work as well as encourage art sales within the current climate caused by Covid-19 where many artists are struggling already.


For at least the next two months, each time we sell a piece of their artwork through our website, UK artists will receive £35 of supplies in the form paint pens from Posca and a sketch book courtesy of Artgecko.


Posca, a long-standing supporter of Europe’s largest street art festival has stepped up once again to show its support of our artists. To support this initiative, simply purchase a piece of art from any UK artist in the Upfest online store.


Through these unprecedented times, the art community must come together to support each other and provide artists with the tools to continue to create.



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