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Upfest North Street Green Taken Over by Relentless

Featuring more than 50 festival artists, live dj sets and broadcasts, Relentless will also host performances from world renowned breakdancing groups and beat boxers.

Upfest is Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival; it attracts over 300 artists worldwide to paint more than 30 venues throughout Bedminster and Southville, Bristol. A crowd of 30,000 people is expected to check out the festival, music stages, art workshops and affordable art sales.

Head to North Street Green and join Relentless to see the UK’s top beat boxers, including two time World Champion Contrix, Spanish beatbox champion Fredy Beats and ABH; performing energetic and high impact shows that merge live music of all genres, physical theatrics and crowd participation. Breakdancing fans should check out Soul Mavericks, one of the few UK based break dancing crews who compete in world wide competitions on an international level with the best b-boy crews in the world.

Stephen Hayles, Upfest founder and gallery owner explains;

‘We’re proud to be back with what is expected to be the most colourful Upfest to date. The Relentless crew will be putting on an incredible party on North Street Green with some brilliant street artist.”

Relentless on North Street Green will feature DJs Barry Guffy, Bedmo Disco, Dj D'Ericsson, Duchess DJs, Hundred Strong (dj set), James Small, Jay-L (Falling Up), Jon Leisure, Loosegroove, Matt the good, Paul Asine, Paul walker (situation), Rob nuck, Sam Krats (sip the juice), Staff only, Titan Sound and Invader FM who are also doing a live broadcast.

The 50 festival artists are: Achim Szabo, Ajat, Annika Pixie, Aza, Bex Glover, Bram, Cai Burton, Captain Longbones, Crease, DauB, Doze, Ebenholz.STNCL, Glove_example, Helen Pridgeon, HOSHiKO, IceCreamBuds, Josh Owen, Lapupa, LEEKS, Lemak, Liz Clayton, LUCKY, Max Syther, Melo, Mike Gambriel, Miss Wah, Mister Feeney, Pat Hennessy, PEGASUS, Pooka, Random, REMKO, RON, Roots, Ruby Bentley, S&MV, Steve Pinchess, ThatblokeWilson, Thomas Glover, TIAN, Von Grey, Yasko, ZombieDan, 4ire, Drew 13, eins92, FLAVA136, SR47. 

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