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Vibrant City - A new Audio Tour


Home to Upfest, and the birthplace of Banksy, Bristol is famed for its vibrant painted streets & multi-coloured horizons. Starting on the Harbourside, Vibrant Bristol ventures into the south of the city, home of the Upfest murals. Hear the stories behind vibrant Bristol from local artists, historians, residents and celebrities – the people who know Bristol best, including local legends John Nation, Jody, Zoe Power and Stewy.

Hear about the rise of graffiti and street art in Bristol, and how Upfest was born. Listen to Jody as he describes painting his now world famous Greta Thunberg piece; Zoe Power on colourful murals and painting anything that will stay still, and Rose Ter Kuile from Rising Arts Agency and Bristol Womxn’s Mural Collective talking about the need for the collective to nurture and support women to paint on the street - plus much more.



Vibrant Bristol: Street Art & The Painted City


11-13 September

Various time slots

Adults: £10 / Children: £5

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