POSCA, a long-standing supporter of Upfest, have been a key factor in helping us grow from a small gathering of Artists and Art Appreciators into Europe’s Biggest Street Art Festival. It is a tribute to their values that now, when times are difficult for creative industries, they have partnered with us and Artgecko Sketchbooks to support artists, promote sales and supply the materials they need.

We are delighted that POSCA continue to be our Headline Sponsor, we are proud to be associated with them.

We are so keen to get POSCA into your hands. This is why we offer a 10% discount and free UK P&P on orders of 5 or more pens. And this discount keeps increasing with larger orders. 20% off orders of 10 or more; 30% off orders of 30 or more, and a mammoth 40% off when you go for 40+ pens. Don’t worry if you want a range of sizes and colours, you can mix and match across the whole range and still receive our discounts!

POSCA pens are of the highest calibre. The quality of their ink is unrivalled for long lasting lustre and surviving all weather conditions. POSCA’s original formulation has been unchanged since the Mitsubishi Pencil company used their century of developing writing implements to launch POSCA back in the 1980’s. Their ink is extremely rich in pigments, giving a great depth of colour that will be appreciated long after other paints have been dulled by time and weather.

They have become a standard appliance among Street Artists, a favourite of many of our talented friends here at Upfest. Artists such as Bex Glover and John Curtis show the versatility and high performance of these indispensable creative tools.



We offer a huge expanse of POSCA pens, indeed the full range, to fit all requirements, styles and creative urges. From the precise and refined, delicate lines of the PC-1MR tip thru to the bold PC-17K, an XXL tip, ideal for flat expanse of colour. Perhaps you require the classic Bullet tip. Available in 3 sizes, this is the go to tip for the multipurpose pen user: adaptable to line work, lettering and block colour. And there’s still the soft brush tip of the PCF-350 selection, and the broad chisel shape of the PC-8Ks if that’s what you need.

As for colours, you are truly spoiled for choice. Yellow, not quite right? How about Straw Yellow or Sunshine Yellow? Brown not cutting it? May I suggest Dark Red or Red Wine? Green? Is that Khaki, Emerald, Metallic, Glitter, Fluro, Apple, Aqua?

But versatility is not just about the tips and choice of colours. POSCA pens are adaptable to your choice of medium. They are great on paper or card, of course. But just as effective on less forgiving surfaces like plastic metal and glass. They are even suitable for porous surfaces such as minerals, ceramics, even wood, fabric and textiles. A bit of extra effort can be needed to fully fix the ink to these surfaces. Like a spray of clear varnish on your glass or metal; ironing the back of your textiles or baking your ceramics. Fortunately, there is a great online community with lots of advice on how to get the best from your POSCAs.

Don’t lower yourself to crayons. Don’t settle for a pack of squeaky felt tips from the supermarket. Experience for yourself some of the finest drawing tools known to humanity.

In fact, there’s nothing wrong with crayons or squeaky felt tips, but POSCAs are Ace!


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