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Make Upfest 2024 happen

Help bring Upfest festival back in 2024

Since our first festival in 2008, Upfest has always been free to register for an artist space and for visitors to attend. We want to keep it that way. In 2022, we had over 1,000 applications for 400 festival artist spaces and around 50,000 people joined us over the festival weekend at Greville Smyth Park and the Tobacco Factory in Bedminster, Bristol. There’s a huge amount that goes into running a festival on this scale and keeping it as safe, accessible and welcoming as possible.

Costs have gone up by over 15% on the last festival and even after finding ways to bring the budget down, we have a significant amount to raise. Whether you can make a one-off donation, join our exclusive Patreon community, become a sponsor, or get involved as a volunteer, every contribution makes a real difference to how we’re able to bring the festival back in 2024.

Support the festival with a one-off donation

There’s a whole lot that goes into running a safe, accessible, welcoming festival that’s free for artists to register and visitors to attend. Your contribution will make a real difference to how we’re able to run the festival in 2024.

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Become part of our exclusive access community

Our membership community, hosted on Patreon, gives you the chance to get direct, exclusive access to a range of perks, including sneak peeks, VIP experiences, and the most up-to-date news and insights.

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Become a festival sponsor

We’re looking for businesses and organisations that align with our values and ethics to become our 2024 festival sponsors, our team can maximise your benefits whilst you show your support for the creative community.

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Get involved as a festival volunteer

Our volunteers are a brilliant community of folk covering a variety of roles - all essential to making the event happen. We wouldn’t be able to run such a safe, successful and welcoming event without their hard work and generosity.

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