Upfest 2017 Festival Stalls

Being an urban festival, Upfest brings you not only an amazing selection of local shop and eateries, we've also enhanced the area for the festival weekend with a superb range of festival food, crafts and clothing stalls, be sure to sample delicious the ice cream, a hit of the finest espresso or tummy-tastic food from around the world whilst walking away with some of the latest t-shirts and freshly designed clothing.

Agnes Spencers Jerk Chicken

Agnes Spencer’s is a family based, Jamaican food company, producing authentic recipes past down from our Grandmother, Agnes Spencer. We are based in Bristol in the south West of England. All food and products are locally sourced where possible. The Chicken is also free range, and Halel

Specializing in Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat, With Rice and Peas, Salt fish Fritters, Banana Fritters, Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Vegetable Jamaican Patties.

Located at Tobacco Factory-Sunday Only

Alp Mac

Alp Mac blends classic Mac & Cheese with Alpine flavours to bring the taste of the mountains to the streets of Bristol and cure your cheese cravings!

 We work with a number of amazing local suppliers and are proud to use Vegware compostable packaging to reduce our waste and carbon footprint.

Located at Raleigh Road



BLU-FIRE CARIBBEAN & MUTTON SHACK brings you an authentically made range of dishes in our signature sauces and marinades. Offering a selection of Mutton-Based and Jerk-Like-It- Ought-To-Be treats. All our meat is either Red Tractor, Farm Assured, Free Range or Organic. We source other produce from local and independent businesses. Made in Bristol with A Whole Lotta Luv!

Located at North Street Green

Buckland Venison

Buckland Venison is a Somerset based street food outlet specialising in Wild West Country venison burgers along with other hand made varieties. All our burgers come complete with home made chutneys relishes and mayo. We pride ourself in using wholesome local producers and ingredients and aim to give people a unique twist on the classic burger. 

Located at Raleigh Road



Crumpet Cakes

Crumpet! make an absolutely delicious range of handmade artisan muffins and slices for your delectation! Our most popular flavors include Raspberry Mud, Lemon Meringue, Cookies and Cream and White Chocolate and Strawberry. And if you are Gluten Free the good news is we have some gorgeous cakes for you too, including our delicious Pistachio and Hazelnut slice.

Located at Raleigh Road

GingerBeard’s Preserves

GingerBeard’s Preserves is all about making homemade Craft Preserves that will get your taste buds singing out for more. We collaborate with local companies in particular breweries to create a great range of sauces, chutneys, jams and much more!

Located at Raleigh Road

Ice Cream Box

The Ice Cream Box sells luscious ice cream made locally - at The Parlour, Gloucester Road - from scratch with West Country milk and natural ingredients. Our flavours range from classic vanilla to salted caramel, lemon meringue, blueberry cheesecake and rocky road! Served in waffle cones, tubs and amazing milkshakes. Come find us at Upfest! 

Gluten free gourmet

Bringing you handmade burgers, with dairy free and vegan options. This year we also have our own made puff pastries, from sausage rolls to fresh cream apple turnovers. Pancakes with fruit and cream, and yes we have dairy free and vegan options. Great cakes too!

If you are still not convinced, what about a cream tea? Remember we are 100% gluten free so there is no risk of cross contamination. Come and treat yourself, with the knowledge you can sit back and enjoy the festival

Located at Raleigh Road


la Bonne Crepe

La Bonne Crepe is a traditional creperie based in Bristol since 2007. All our food is cooked to order, in front of the customer and made with love. Our savoury crepes or Galettes are made with Organic buckwheat flour (wheat, gluten and dairy free), sweet crepes are made with Organic wheat flour. We can offer vegan options. We share an authentic taste of France and a good time with our customers. We use Organic, fair-trade and local products when possible.

Located at Tobacco factory

Los Hermanos

We are 2 brothers, one trained chef and one loveable genius, and together we're on a mission to make your mouth water with deliciousness. Tasty, inventive street food with a difference, and inspired by our Spanish father, our baps and dishes will keep you coming back again and again. Our goal is to bring quality food, quality ingredients prepared with love and attention, to the street.

Located at North Street Green

Lucia's Ices

Lucia's  Ices is a traditional ice cream van selling the award winning,  locally based Tarrs Ice Cream. 

Lucia's Ices was started in 2013 and is based in Bristol , during this time Lucia's has served 1000's of people bringing food pleasure across the South West.

At Upfest this year there will be a range of delights to tantalise your taste buds including bubble gum ice cream, West Country apple  cider ice lollies, chocolate sauce and chopped nuts Sundaes and the classic 99Flake.  


Lucille's is a lovely converted 1978 Robin caravan. She sells the best award winning ice-cream from Mendip Moments. Their ice cream is handmade on the family dairy farm in Somerset using milk and cream from their pedigree herd of Holstein cows. They also have a range of refreshing, dairy free sorbets, bursting with fruit and made with the water from their own Mendip Spring. The amazing Ice Cream is also used to make wonderful thick shakes and there is a range of fair trade tea and coffee on offer.

Located at North Street Green

Nacoa Cake Stall

What's not to love about home made cake? come and support the festival's charity by trying one of their yummy home made cakes, all proceeds go back to Nacoa.

Pickled Brisket

The Pickled Brisket is a mobile Salt Beef Bar. We make a selection of hot salt beef sandwiches or platters. We even do a veggie version.
All our beef is from 100% native British breeds farmed on Somerset pastures. It is brined and then cooked overnight to produce succulent tasty salt beef.

Located at the Tobacco Factory


"A collaboration of creative talents,  Platypus stands for rebellion, pride in your own expression, a creative culture against the mass-produced."

Bursting out from the underbelly of Nottingham, England in 2014. Platypus strives to bring you hand-crafted, limited clothing.  Iconic works of art, fit for the streets.  Inspired by the underdogs, the grafters, the creators, the trendsetters.  Lovingly designed, printed and packed by hand in the UK.

Located at Raleigh Road

RT Catering

Our trained Chef has over seventeen  years experience in the Catering industry and is passionate about his profession, putting his experience, knowledge and skills into delivering amazing top quality food ......gourmet style ...this is really street food at its  best ...Serving you Gourmet Burgers, and Gourmet Poshdogs

Located at North Street Green

Shop VX

Vx is the UK’s first chain of cruelty-free shops in the country. We are bringing our unique brand of world-renowned delicious vegan treats, full junk food menu, plethora of exclusive imported plant-based delicacies, diverse range of extraordinarily-melty cheeses, French patisserie, our own-brand Secret Society of Vegans clothing and more goodies besides, in our mission to fully veganise one of the coolest corners of the UK – Bristol. Check out the shop on East St, or their stall at the tobaco factory.

Located at the Tobacco factory



Skewered is a Bristol based food outlet, who aim to deliver a delicious range of homemade skewers along with fresh salads and coleslaws, lush Corn on the Cob and crispy sweet potato fries. Our homemade sauces always add a little something.

Located at Tobacco Factory


TandooriQ offer a Healthy Anglo Indian style street food with a modern twist. We use authentic TandooriQ clay ovens to cook chicken marinated in our special blend of TandooriQ spices. We freshly prepare chicken wraps/ chicken in a box and vegetarian wraps served with our own fresh vibrant salads.

Located at South Street Park

Tangent Books

Tangent Books was founded in Bristol in 2004 and has been producing quality books for the discerning punter ever since.

Deliberately and resolutely independent, Tangent Books maintains close relationships with the authors, designers and printers we work with to ensure that everyone involved in the production of one of our volumes gets a fair deal, as well as supporting local, independent business

Located at Raleigh Road

The Electric Lemon

The Electric Lemon started many years ago as a wild idea.  Why not build a lemonade cart for the 21st Century and take it on tour?  So we built one, fitted it with 180 watts of solar panels and then spent a summer hauling it from festival to festival, party to party.  We had so much fun that we built two more and have been using them to bring freshly mixed hand-made lemonade to an event near you for nearly ten years.  Come visit

Located at South Street Park

The Espresso Bar

We are a small independent business based in Bristol operating an  artisan coffee trailer. We serve high quality speciality, ethically sourced coffees, teas, and indulgent hot chocolates, plus a range of soft drinks.
Our drinks are complimented by delicious homemade cakes and biscuits We also aim to cater for people with varying dietary needs by offering gluten free and dairy free options.
Located at North Street Green

TruFoo Juice Bar

TruFoo Juice Bar co. is a Bristol based company, started in 2015 out of a passion for healthy food & drink. We love experimenting with healthy and tasty ingredients, which have a positive effect on our well-being and wanted to share this passion with the community. We offer a range of fresh fruit & veg Cold Pressed Juices and Smoothies from our mobile juice bar

Located at Raleigh Road


Underdogs is a Southville based street food company selling hotdogs that are made using free range Gloucestershire pork, naturally smoked over applewood and contain absolutely nothing artificial.  We’re dedicated to supporting the local economy; UNDERDOGS only use local, independent businesses.  We very proudly accept the Bristol Pound and always use recycled packaging

Located at Raleigh Road



Viva la Mexicana

Bringing Mexico's colour to the proceedings, Viva's vegetarian or gluten free fare is cooked fresh in front of the eyes of the customers. The quesadillas are suitable for children while our marinated chicken or pork tacos can be spicy or mild.  Try our hibiscus flower or tamarind drinks. Saludos!

Located at South Street Park


Whittinghams oriental noodles freshly prepared using local produce, organic vegtables


Located at South Street Park

Announcing even more festival stalls soon!